About Me

Hello, so lovely to have you here.

If you've looked through the posts on my blog, you'll probably have already gathered that I sew rather a lot and that this blog is all about that stitchery and the life that goes on around it. I sew mostly clothing and quilts, using Liberty prints wherever possible.

In the last few years, I have developed an utter obsession with English paper piecing, creating intricate quilt tops sewn entirely by hand. It's wonderfully liberating not to be bound to the sewing machine and for sewing to suddenly feel a much more sociable and portable activity (in fact you can find my own beginners guide for getting started with English paper piecing here, a tutorial on fussy-cutting fabric and if you're looking for a pattern for some English paper piecing, what about this?).

I also write general sewing patterns and occasional articles for sewing magazines, as well as sharing tutorials here on my blog. Oh, and I've also produced an eBook all about machine appliqué. 
I am married to the delectable Mr Teacakes and we live with our two children; a tiny tabby; a large, white polar bear of a cat; and Nell, our golden retriever. I work alongside my husband at home, where we create educational apps, based around a series of colourful characters called Squeebles, to help children learn their weekly spellings, times tables, fractions and lots of other essential skills.

I made my first bag at primary school: big hoop handles, reversible fabric and stitched by hand, created in the peace and tranquillity of a classroom half full of girls (the boys having been sent out to perfect their cricketing skills) and I have been hooked ever since. My even earlier happy memory of knitting squares for donkey blankets for the PDSA in my first year at school is only marred by the subsequent knowledge that it must have resulted in a chilly burro, for even now knitting and crochet foxes me to the point where I have had to lay down the needles and hooks and promise myself not to pick them up again.

I started this blog on a whim in August 2007 and, years later, it feels as though it's become something of a second home, albeit one inhabited only by head space. I've found it a fantastic place to document my sewing successes and failures, share my enthusiasm with others, discuss the never-ending learning curve of an all-consuming passion, as well as document a little of my children growing up around all this and their own inroads into craftiness. This blog documents some of my favourite moments with them: The summer of the pizza oven (you can find our 26 page guide to building your own, here); building an igloo; sourcing the perfect green jugbecoming a dog-owner after a life-time of dog aversion; delivering an advent calendar in the snow; gluingstitchingmore stitching; recreating our family in fabric; and making life-changing decisions. It's really lovely to be able to look back over the last eight years and have a record of these things, however trivial they might seem on a day-to-day basis; I now wish I'd started writing earlier. 

I absolutely love reading the comments that so many people take the time to leave. I try to reply in the comments section as Blogger often doesn't supply a reply email address...and also because inbox management isn't my strong point and so it's just easier that way. But if you want to contact me directly then you can find me at flossieteacakes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you so much for reading,

P.s. I said that I like to use Liberty prints wherever possible…that extends to making dog beds from them too...

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